Bedwetting & Chiropractic Care

Bedwetting beyond “normal” age can be difficult for families. Unbearable amounts of stress on the parents who work tirelessly at changing the sheets, keeping up with smells, and not to mention the inability to sleep through the entire night. On top of parental stress, you add the devastating stress on the kids that are left with feelings of shame, embarrassment, and anxiety. The social patterns are disrupted and stress can pile on the entire family.

We’ve heard it all… and we are excited that we’ve also gotten to be a part of the solution for so many families. It truly is a beautiful thing to hear parents tell us that their kid is no longer wetting the bed!

We don’t “fix” bedwetting. As chiropractors, we simply work with the child’s brain and nervous system. The chiropractic adjustment to the spine increases the communication between the brain and the rest of the body. As a result to improving this communication, we see a wide-array of symptoms disappear. In the case of bedwetting, the body is able to go into a rest and digest state. Within this state, the brain is able to communicate with the bladder and improve control.

We cannot control what happens after the chiropractic adjustment, but we can share our success stories! We have had many families report that chiropractic care has helped their children with bedwetting; which improves the stress in the household, improves sleep patterns, and creates a healthier environment.

Do you know anyone that is having challenges with bedwetting? Share this article with them.. maybe chiropractic could be their solution!!

Chiropractic Care for Kiddos!

It’s normal to be sitting in Cook Chiropractic’s waiting room and see children laughing, running around, and playing in our kids corner. At first glance, one may just assume that the parents are getting adjusted and the kids are simply hanging out. Only to then recognize the kid’s zebra table and see the little ones jumping up on the table. It’s then you would realize that these kiddos are getting adjusted too! So what’s the deal with that…

Chiropractic care is for everyone, including the kiddos! Chiropractic care works with the spine in order to free the nervous system from any interference. As the system starts working more freely, without interference, the brain and body are able to better communicate.

Kids will be kids… With this comes plenty of bumps and bruises. Along with the physical stress that kids place on their bodies, they also have to fight against chemical and emotional stress. Toxic foods and relationships also cause our bodies to go into protective mode. The body is so intelligent!

The chiropractic adjustment helps the body release the stress from the system and allows for less interference. So what happens when there is less interference in a child’s nervous system?

Parents report an array of things to us! From sleeping better at night to improved immune systems, these kids are healthier! Their bodies are able to better process their external environment leading to improved focus in school, better listening ears, and improved behavior! We hear about improvements with things like bed wetting and digestive problems. We also see a decrease in ear infections!

Chiropractic care truly is a family affair here at Cook Chiropractic! We love seeing the entire crew and growing a healthy community!