Track and Field Day

Dr. Amanda saw a lot of kids the day after their intense 5th grade Track and Field Day! As the kiddos were pushing their limits with running, throwing, and even jumping… their bodies were ready for an adjustment! A few reasons why every kid should get a chiropractic adjustment after physical activities like Track and Field Day…

  1. Chiropractic care helps relax muscles. As we connect the pathways between their brain and the rest of their body, the nerves are able to fire properly to the muscles. This allows for muscles to return to normal state faster and away from muscle fatigue or spasm.

  2. Bumps and bruises are inevitable after a day such as track and field day! As kids fall down, they alter their own body mechanics. As chiropractors, we call these misalignments subluxations. We correct these subluxations to help make sure the body is working at optimal function!

  3. Simply put… the kids LOVE getting adjusted! Dr. Amanda had so many kids READY for their adjustment. One kid couldn’t sleep the night before because he was excited to get checked.

Moral of the story… Don’t forget to get your kids checked!!