What's Your Personality?!

A little behind the scenes here at
Cook Chiropractic…

Today, we spent the morning training as a team on the DISC assessment with Paul McDonald.  You may be wondering what in the world is the DISC assessment and why would we spend the morning working on that?!

First the WHAT:

The DISC assessment is a simple personality classification used to help better understand people.  D represents Dominance.  These are the people that thrive off progress.  I represents Influence.  These are the people that are inspiring and are people oriented.  S represents Steadiness.  These are the people that have an appreciation for support and systems.  C represents Conscientious.  These are the people that want to be correct and clear with their choices.

So now on to the WHY:

Understanding the DISC personalities can help you better understand yourself and others.


Better understanding yourself can help lead to recognizing your strengths and your weaknesses.  Then you can take your strength and magnify it, using it as your asset.  Then you can look into your weaknesses and find help within those areas.  It’s all a process of learning to put your best foot forward in the areas where excelling is easier for you and finding help in areas that challenge you.

Recognizing these traits in others helps you to better understand the other persons desires and communicate your needs in an effective manner.  If we can understand where the person is coming from, then we are better equipped to meet the needs of all involved.

These can be used in every aspect of YOUR life, from your relationship with yourself, to your relationship at home, to even your work environment.  Communication can be enhanced when you understand personality types better.

Better Communication = Better Environments = Less Stress = Ease on the System = Healthy WELL-BEING

Sounds like a win-win-win!

***Find out your DISC Assessment - https://www.tonyrobbins.com/assessments/