Chiropractic FIRST Day!


We are a society of immediate gratification.  We want the results yesterday.  So it only makes sense that in today’s world the ‘quick fix’ to pain appears to prescription drugs, specifically opioids.  When it comes to back pains and headaches, the pain can be debilitating, and people would do anything to get rid of it.  But what if the quick fix isn’t your best option?  Are you being told to look for other solutions or are you simply taking the pills?  What effect does this pill have on your body? 

We are a part of a movement called Chiropractic First.  The movement is designed to raise awareness on the serious effects of opioids and bring to motion alternative solutions.  Before we dive into why Chiropractic First is a solution to this issue, let’s dive into the facts on opioids!

Opioids are used to mask the pain.  They help to cover what is happening at that moment, but they don’t solve the problem or fix the source of WHY the pain is happening in the first place.  The reduction of pain and the high becomes so powerful and inevitably becomes addicting.  Four out of every five heroin addicts say that their addiction began with a prescribed drug.  Prescription opioids have quadrupled from 1999 to 2010.  From this prescription rise, we have seen a major increase in overdoses.  In 2016, over 65,000 Americans died.  That is more than auto accidents, gun violence, and even Vietnam War veterans over a 14-year span.  This is a serious issue that is affecting families all over America.  The United States makes up 5% of the Worlds populations; however, we are consuming 80% of the World’s opioid prescriptions.

Opioids don’t address the WHY. Pain is a symptom that presents as a warning sign.  It’s a time to pay attention to your body and change whatever is causing the pain.  We want to encourage you to take your power back.  Recognize pain as a warning sign and get involved in your health.  We want you to explore your options and educate yourself on what is out there.  Pain can drastically change your life if you let it.  Let’s change the way we look at pain by making healthier choices, changing diet and nutrition, physical exercise, social and emotional stress, and of course chiropractic care.

Chiropractic care works with your nervous system to connect your brain to the rest of your body. With a greater connection, your body can adapt and perceive pain differently. As we calm your nervous system, people will see pain patterns from all over their body shift. People who see a chiropractor first for pain, are 55% less likely to use medications and patterns show have fewer visits to the primary health physicians.

Let’s take the first step together with chiropractic care!