Welcome to Chiro Corner!

Welcome to our Blog!

We are bringing CHIRO CORNER to the Cook Chiropractic family so that we can connect with our community on a bigger level.  Day in and day out we are serving great people, freeing patients of physical pain, and helping them connect with their bodies again.  We get to see miracles and hear success stories every day; this will be our opportunity to share some of the success with our ENTIRE community.  We will be blogging about the AMAZING things within chiropractic from what is happening in our office to things that are being studied all over the world.  We will offer creative health tips that can help facilitate a healthier and stronger community.  We will also be sharing the BIG IDEA behind chiropractic; the connection between your physical and spiritual BEing.  We encourage you to join us on our mission to help grow a healthier community by sharing these blogs with friends and family, as you never know how far of an impact you may have.

We hope to be a tool for you as you navigate through your own health journey. We look forward to connecting with you and your family. Thank you for joining us!


With Love,

Dr. Lona Cook and Dr. Amanda Haines